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Alright, here’s a list of some 17 tumlbrs we’ve reblogged the most from.

Many of them are GIF/Graphic makers themselves and the rest of them might as well have just as many pages about TDKR stuff as we do! All of their work, tag systems, everything is extraordinarily perfect. And if it weren’t for them, we’d have been a horribly boring tumblr.  

I’ll keep updating the page in future because I have a feeling I’m forgetting many of such nice tumblrs.
 So, yeah— List Page [x]

Well, I’m the last person whose thoughts you’d want to take into consideration, to be frank; but since you asked!

When there were speculations about what villains would be chosen for TDKR, I read every known villain’s Wikipedia page since I’m not a big Comic Book buff. And to be completely honest, I was rooting for Hush the second I read his story. I think he’s a pretty much answer to how Bruce Wayne would have been if he’d rather been on the darkest side and misdirected his wrath of the tragedy he’s victim of. My knowledge for the character is very limited, so I can’t say much, but I think, for me, Hush would make a good choice for character with some nice depth to start a thrilling story with.

And as far as the important things are concerned; to keep it just as real as Nolanverse would be a must. Coming up with something completely different at the same time, though— it’s quite a challenging job! I’m sure you’ve heard about Darren Aronofsky’s Batman Year One project that couldn’t make it. I think he did an interesting job there being creative in a sense. Compensate the minor changes you have to make to the story in order to make it more interesting by sticking to the core, and motivations of the characters that define them, that would be it. In short, it should do justice to the symbolism of this dark and deep character we’ve witnessed over several years.

I’m sure this has been pretty pointless for you; but I tried, if there are any points for that! Oh, and—

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